We are promoting Japan/Brazil bilateral Aluminium Complex Project.

Project Overview



The Amazon Aluminium Complex Project is a bilateral economic cooperation project between Japan and Brazil consisting of the construction and operation of alumina refinery plant and primary aluminium smelting plant, in the Amazon region of Brazil.
ALBRAS is an aluminium smelting plant to produce primary aluminium ingots from alumina. Its annual production capacity is 450,000 metric tons, which ranks among the largest aluminium smelters in the South America. We have the right to take annually 220,000 tons of the products of ALBRAS, equivalent to approximately 10% of Japan's total import of primary aluminium ingots.
ALUNORTE is an alumina refinery plant to produce alumina from bauxite ore. Its annual production capacity is 6,260,000 metric tons, the biggest alumina refinery plant in the world. The alumina produced by ALUNORTE is supplied to satisfy fully the alumina requirement of ALBRAS, adjacent aluminium smelting plant, and shipped to other smelters all over the world.
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