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Terms & Conditions of Use

This Website is provided and operated by Nippon Amazon Aluminium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NAAC).

Prior to making use of this Website, we would like you to read the following terms and conditions carefully and proceed with its use only if you agree with and will abide by them. Please understand that your access to this Website constitutes your full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

NAAC may change these terms and conditions at any time as deemed necessary without notice. We thereby request you to check these terms and conditions each time you access this Website.

[Recommended operating environment]

For using this Website, NAAC recommend to users to use the most updated browsers. This Website uses JavaScript and Style Sheet. If Users use this Website with un-recommended environment or with the environment disabling JavaScript and Style Sheet in your browser, there may be cases in which you cannot view this Website or the contents will not be displayed correctly.

[Required plug-ins]

To use some pages of this Website requires the following plug-in software. NAAC recommend you to download the most updated plug-in software from the site of each software company.

Adobe Readerダウンロード

For displaying, reading and printing files in PDF format, the installation of Adobe Reader is required. If it has not been installed yet, please download Adobe Reader from the above icon.

[Link to this Website and Removal of this Website]

Any special communication is not required to link to this Website. However, as NAAC may revise or remove contents of this Website or its addresses (URLs) without prior notice, please link to the top page of this Website, as much as possible.


The copyrights for the content and other intellectual property contained in this Website (information, content, images, etc.) are held by NAAC. NAAC prohibits the secondary use of the content of this Website by any person. Users may not duplicate, divert or sell the content of this Website, in whole or in part for any purpose without the express written consent of NAAC. And the following actions (though not limited to) are completely prohibited. : transforming, altering or adding, or adapting the content of this Website.


NAAC makes no guarantees or representations whatsoever regarding the information contained in this Website, including the truth of content, accuracy, safety (including the absence of computer viruses or other harmful content in this Website or the server thereof), or the absence of infringement of rights of other parties. You are entirely responsible for any damages of any kind that may arise from accessing this Website.

NAAC is not responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss, damages (whether actual consequential or otherwise), injury, claim, liability or other cause of any kind or character whatsoever based upon or resulting from the use of this Website, including, but by no means limited to:

  1. Damages arising due to changes to or removal of information contained on this Website or any aspect of the management of this Website, including interruption or suspension of operations
  2. Damages resulting from the use of this Website or information contained on this Website
  3. Damages arising from inaccurate content on this Website or typing errors
  4. Damages to software or hardware that occur when you download from this Website, any inconvenience arising from use of this Website, problems with computer viruses, any loss or impairment of data, or similar problems


When using this Website, the following actions are prohibited:

  1. actions to infringe upon the properties, privacy or the like of NAAC or any other party, or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  2. actions to create disadvantage for or cause damages to NAAC or any other party, or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  3. actions to be against public order, morality and standards of decency or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  4. actions to trigger crimes or induce or commit possible crimes or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  5. actions to make false declaration or notification, such as an action to register electronic addresses of other persons, or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  6. actions to harm or damage the reputation or credibility of NAAC, or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  7. actions to use or provide harmful computer programs, such as malicious software, computer viruses, or actions which have a likelihood thereof;
  8. actions to violate laws, regulations or the like, or actions which have a likelihood thereof; and
  9. other than the aforementioned matters, actions that NAAC deems inappropriate.

[Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction]

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any legal action related to this Website and these terms and conditions of its usage shall be brought to the Tokyo District Court, Tokyo, Japan.